Posted in June 2014

Time to wrap things up

We’ve been pretty darn busy and the next few days won’t be much different. You see, our last day in Seattle is Monday. Monday! The last week has been spent organizing stuff, donating stuff and saying repeatedly, “We have too much crap”. ¬†We sold a few big items on Craigslist and decided to donate Daisy’s … Continue reading

My kind of town…

Good ‘ol Blue Eyes said it best: Each time I roam, Chicago is Calling me home,¬†Chicago is… So if you haven’t caught onto all of my Chicago references and all that jazz, we are moving. To Chicago. Like, next week. For realz. This is actually the third time we’ve entertained moving to the Windy City … Continue reading

Poet and didn’t know it

Deep dish pizza leader of the World, Paczki maker, Home of Wrigley Field Creator of the Chicago Dog and purveyor of Italian beef sandwiches; Flat, windy, bustling City of the Abraham Family They tell me you are damn cold and I believe them, for I have seen the gigantic fur-trimmed arctic parka and winter boots … Continue reading