Time to wrap things up

We’ve been pretty darn busy and the next few days won’t be much different. You see, our last day in Seattle is Monday. Monday! The last week has been spent organizing stuff, donating stuff and saying repeatedly, “We have too much crap”.  We sold a few big items on Craigslist and decided to donate Daisy’s cage to a parrot sanctuary. We held onto it thinking we’d get another pet someday, but now we both agree that no one should own a large bird. It’s a little bittersweet but I’m glad the cage is going to a much-needed cause.

We’ve also been trying to cram in as much of the Seattle experience as possible. So yeah, lots of good meals at Marination Ma Kai, Tat’s Deli and Ivar’s. Plus mountain biking, hiking and chilling with friends. Sadly, there’s no way we can fit it all in. I guess we’ll have to save a few things for next summer’s visit.

It’s weird not working. Amelia is still in daycare since we paid for the month so we actually have free time. It’s been pretty nice having a few baby-free meals and shopping trips. However, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m a little bored. Technically we were supposed to have been gone by now so this extra week was unexpected…good in some ways but I’m ready to get moving (literally).

I’ve had some teary moments already, like when I realized that Amelia wouldn’t be going to her amazing daycare anymore. And I’m a little sad about leaving the city that she was born in. Oh, and for whatever reason I feel like we’re abandoning Daisy (which is not true and I know it, but whatever). And don’t get me started about saying goodbye to our friends! Gah.

I’m going to miss a lot of things…the list is too long. But here are the top few:

1. Our friends. I mean, who are going to play Cards Against Humanity with now?

2. The culture of the Pacific Northwest.  Parts of it drive me crazy and bug the shit out of me, but I will miss the “be yourself” frame of mind. I’m pretty sure Dansko clogs and the no make-up look won’t fly in Chicago. Not necessarily a bad thing though. I felt really unprofessional wearing super casual clothing to work. Besides, I am still from the Midwest and can’t shake the “I look like a bum” feeling, even after 15 years of living on the west coast.

3. Relatively easy access to extremely cool outdoor stuff. Places like the Enchantments, Bend, and British Columbia. However, I am pretty easy to please and don’t really need mountains or ocean. I appreciate living near them but I am OK with riding flat singletrack or XC skiing on a golf course. I really just want to exercise and compete. 

There are some things I really won’t miss about Seattle…I will spare you the details (and my opinions). 

So the public’s reaction to our move has been interesting.
People from the Midwest: “Yay! Welcome back!! Congrats on the move!”  Great response.
People from Seattle: “Um, wow.” Lousy response.

Maybe people from Seattle are sooooo sad that we’re leaving that their response is void of any emotion. More likely, they simply cannot wrap their head around the idea of leaving the Pacific Northwest. I mean, a lot of people here have never been east of Idaho.  I feel like Seattle is very sheltered. The town is thriving, well-educated, extremely affluent and full of people who care about stuff. But those who have never ventured east of Idaho have no idea what it’s like to live in a city with crime, poverty and residents who don’t care about recycling/composting/global warming/salmon. I kind of chuckle when I see local companies launch national ad campaigns that are so PNW-centric. Georgetown grunge doesn’t register with people living in Cleveland, Ohio. Here, grunge and urban decay is trendy. In Cleveland, urban decay is part of the landscape.

Did you know that some people have made rude comments about our move? Gasp! Hard to believe that some folks of the PNW are capable of such snarkiness. Since most people never leave the Northwest and have no idea what it means to move across the country, let me explain: planned or not, it’s really tough. We are giving up everything we know and love to try something new, which most people don’t have the guts to do. So I’m going to put on my aggro Midwest cap and say, “If you don’t have something nice to say, shut the hell up!” E is anxious about starting a new job. I’m anxious about being a stay-at-home mom to an energetic 1-year old, in a place where I don’t know anyone, until I find a new gig. So gentle readers, please keep the negativity to yourself! Rant over.

On a more positive note, the next month is going to be jam-packed and we have a few things to look forward to- stops in Glacier National Park/Badlands/Wall Drug (lol), Amelia’s first birthday party with family, a visit from my BFF whom I haven’t seen in ages, and maybe meeting up with some Seattle friends. Oh, and I already found a mountain bike race in July to train for 🙂



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