Posted in July 2014

Racing, Midwest-Style

The last year has been tough fitness-wise. I’ve had the best of intentions (CX season, Lumberjack 100) but lost both motivation and interest. And just when I bought a new mountain bike and started to exercise again…we moved. Now I have a different set of challenges- I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom and also a part-time … Continue reading

Life in the Midwest

So we’ve been here for two weeks now.¬†We are just finally settling in…somewhat. The first week was a blur- Amelia’s first birthday in Michigan, moving truck day, E’s first day at work, a visit from my friend Sarah (who just happened to be in town from Philly), and the arduous task of unpacking and organizing. … Continue reading

Cross-Country Adventure

Funny, one of the first things people asked me after telling them about the move was “Are you flying? Or….driving….?”. Duh, of course we were driving. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned road trip?? We’ve put a lot of miles on our cars over the years. Some trips of note:1. Detroit to Key West. … Continue reading