14 months

Amelia’s first birthday is already two months behind us. We had a nice party with family and friends in Michigan, but it was hard wearing a happy face. E and I were exhausted from the cross-country drive and also feeling down because we just left everything we knew behind in Seattle. And on top of that…my little baby turned one. Of course that’s a good thing but hard to accept at the same time. So needless to say the last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions.

There is always one constant between the highs and lows- sweet Amelia!  If I’m feeling down she’ll come give me a hug, which is usually followed by pulling my hair or biting my arm :\ More on that later.

It’s amazing to see how much Amelia has changed in the last fourteen months. Fascinating really. I can barely keep track of her new skills and accomplishments. When she was younger she might’ve only accomplished one milestone per month, but now it seems like she’s doing something new every week. She had just taken her first steps when we left Seattle and hasn’t sat down since. Thankfully she’s only had one big fall…but that resulted in a chipped tooth. Ugh. In the last couple months alone she’s become a spirited dancer, sits down when I ask her to (for snacks, dressing and even on a potty), knows her toys by name and communicates her wants and needs by pointing and saying “Dat”. It’s great that she can communicate but she usually wants something that she can’t have!  Amelia understands a lot… probably more than we realize. We should be more careful what we say and do around her now so her first words aren’t of the sailor variety.

Amelia’s personality is starting to show too. She is very silly but also quite independent- we have several baby/mom showdowns per day (usually they involve diaper changes and car seats). Let’s not forget about the biting…when this kid gets frustrated, look out! On the other hand she’s also more affectionate than ever before and I’m really enjoying the hugs and snuggles while they last.

The two of us have been spending a lot of time together lately, and I feel like I’m doing Amelia a disservice by keeping her at home with me all day. She is VERY social and loves to be around other people. She does go to daycare on Wednesdays and also sees other kids at gym’s childcare center, but I’m worried it isn’t enough social interaction. I’m also worried about her not forming relationships because she doesn’t see the same people on a regular basis. We haven’t gone to many playgroups here because they aren’t a very good fit (for me). I’ve been thinking about signing her up for some music or Gymboree classes for the fall and winter but haven’t made any decisions yet. It’s hard figuring out what’s best for your kid!

Curious kiddo

Curious kiddo

toys (1)

L-R: Bald Baby, Hedgehog, Kitty and Penguin

toys (2)

Still my little baby


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