Lake Geneva CX

There was a bit of a lull in the Chicago CX schedule after August’s Relay Cross race. However, there were a lot of opportunities outside the area- central IL, MI, IN and WI- great and all, but driving 2 hours (or more) for a 40-minute race? Ugh. Such is life in Illinois.  I heard good things about the Wisconsin series and decided to give Lake Geneva a try, mainly because it had a flyover 🙂  Bonus for me- a women’s masters category (which we don’t have in our local series).

Lake Geneva is right across the state line and the drive was relatively easy, particularly because there’s no traffic at 8am on a Sunday. I arrived early enough to set up my gear in a leisurely manner and chat with a few folks. Again, the WI scene isn’t too different than other places except for a few less hipsters (the few on hand were probably from Chicago LOL).

I was super pumped after my pre-ride. This course was packed full of goodness- tight turns, mud, whoopty-whoops, a slick flyover, and a sandpit as well as a climb and run-up. *Love*  So much better than the Jackson Park grass crit last month. The start was on a slight incline and I shot to the front, hoping to keep everyone away so I could ride the technical stuff without someone on my wheel. I felt really rusty on that first lap but improved as time went on.  The flyover slowed me down a bit though- the approach was at a 45-degree angle and I couldn’t get enough speed to clear it gracefully. After a while I was by myself up front, and I felt so good that I sat up for a few (dumb!) and got passed by #2. Darn!  For a minute I thought “Second place is OK, right?” but darn it, I really wanted to win so I passed her on the climb and sealed the deal on the run-up. So that’s that.

I kind of wished that I’d raced with the 1/2 ladies for curiosity’s sake but I feel like I’m just not there yet.  I would be more than happy to race just Masters this season but instead will race in the massive 1/2/3 category.  Another reason that I raced in WI is to get a better call-up for the Chicago series, because they use Cross Results points. So at this rate I might be in the 2nd or 3rd row instead of the last one. I hope!

The first CCC race is this weekend and I’m sure it’ll be another grass crit. Ugh. Praying for rain to slow those roadies down!

I love flyovers!

I love flyovers!


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