Posted in October 2014

Five down, six to go…

Yesterday was the fifth race of the Chicago series. We’re right in middle of the season with six more races left, including the State Championships in early December.  I’m impressed that I’ve done seven races already this year…I’m not placing as high as I’d like to but given the circumstances I can’t complain. Just making it to the race … Continue reading

Overdue Race Reports

CCC #3. This race was at Dan Ryan Woods in the nice part of South Chicago. I had seen some buzz on Twitter about people honing their bunny hopping skills but didn’t investigate further. Turns out I should have… The course was awesome considering we’re in Flatlandia. It was long (a nice break from the previous … Continue reading

Cat 2.5 racing and some gripes

Last weekend was the 2nd race of the CCC series, way out in DeKalb (corn country). I had heard good things about this course, particularly the flyover with stairs and figured it was worth the drive. Well, the course was pretty sucky IMO- the flyover was kinda cool but the rest was pretty boring. Due … Continue reading

15 months

I know I say this with every AKA-related post, but man, I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. Fifteen months. Now I know why parents refer to their kid’s age in months, because just saying “she’s one” doesn’t describe AKA at all- every month is something different. Our kiddo has blossomed into a… total cheeseball.  AKA is … Continue reading