Five down, six to go…

Yesterday was the fifth race of the Chicago series. We’re right in middle of the season with six more races left, including the State Championships in early December.  I’m impressed that I’ve done seven races already this year…I’m not placing as high as I’d like to but given the circumstances I can’t complain. Just making it to the race with a toddler is a big deal.

My motivation has been waning over the last couple weeks. Yesterday I just wanted to go to brunch. I feel bad dragging the family along to a race every weekend when there are probably more fun things for them to do elsewhere. Poor AKA, my race is right during naptime and her whole day ends up being disrupted.  On the flipside, there’s a lot of action and usually a lot of space for her to run around.  There are no bye weeks in the Chicago series so missing a race means losing my front-row call up. Then again, does that really matter…??? I’m just an amateur!

The weather here has been exceptionally nice, so E and AKA had no problem coming out to yesterday’s race and spending time in the sun. E even brought AKA’s “cozy coupe” and pushed her around the parking lot while I got ready. During my pre-ride I thought “Gee, yet another flat power course” but was surprised to find that at race pace, the course actually worked out in my favor. Yes, there were a lot of really long straight sections but also a lot of twists and hairpin turns. I’m still getting used to my new bike (which feels like it’s got a higher center of gravity), and after a couple laps I started taking the corners faster and faster. I think I sat in fifth place the entire time, but had to work those first few laps to keep everyone else behind me. Going into lap five I could see someone creeping up behind me so I hit the gas and sealed my spot in fifth. That was definitely the hardest I’ve raced all year!

So before you get excited I should point out that a few of the fast “regulars” were racing elsewhere last weekend. But from a personal standpoint, I was able to place higher than someone who’s beat me all year. So I’m happy with that. And I felt good too…as opposed to sucking wind the entire race.

We have not had one muddy race this year which is a quite a contrast from Seattle. I do miss “real” cx weather but it’s been nice not having to wash my bike or kit after a race 🙂


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