16 Months

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my little girl. Sixteen months, that is!

Time just keeps marching forward, doesn’t it? Last week I packed up the last of her bottles and teeny-tiny baby spoons. Yesterday  at Target I realized that we really have no reason to shop the baby aisles other than for diapers. And, as of tomorrow, we’ll be done nursing. More on that later. *Sniff sniff*

AKA is turning into a little stinker! Most of the time she follows instructions but lately she’s been more defiant. It’s like she knows that what she’s doing is wrong but smiles anyway. We’ve been saying “no” a lot lately- a few weeks ago she was playing with our vertical blinds and pulled the entire thing down. Like, ripped them right off the brackets. Fortunately E was right there to catch the thing before it crashed onto her head.  So now when she goes near them she gets a stern “No!” or “Leave those alone!” from me. I try to redirect her attention to something else but man, kids just gravitate to the things they’re not supposed to touch.

I think a few things are contributing to her new attitude. First, she is just so curious- opening cabinets, bags, purses, and trash cans… and emptying their contents of course.  She is not too interested in technology except for that darn iPad (LOL).  We are pretty good about keeping it hidden but if she gets a hold of it and you take it away…good luck. She turns the TV on and off…and on and off….but doesn’t seem interested in actually watching it. AKA is also super active and a lot of strangers mention that she is a very good walker for her age. She just started climbing on things and that coupled with curiosity can be a disaster if you’re not watching her . So we say “Please don’t do that”  or “That’s dangerous” a lot. Then she cries of course. Her latest stunt is to stand on the seat of her Playskool motorcycle and let go of the handlebars like she’s a trick rider. It’s hard not to laugh because she looks so proud of herself.

Communication is getting a lot easier which is nice.  It’s still a lot of gibberish and body language but it works! If AKA’s hungry she’ll grab a bib and stand by the high chair. Or she’ll sit down in front of the pantry and patiently wait for a snack (or whine).  If she wants to go outside she’ll bring me her jacket and shoes. She understands even more- I can ask her to bring me items like a towel, bib, diaper or jacket and she’ll oblige.

Latest “words” and their pronunciations:
bird (beesch)
bib (bi’)
flower/towel/owl (owl)
car (cah- she sounds like a Bostonian)
outside (owsigh)
clothes (cllllllose)

Let’s see, what else is new with AKA? She is getting pretty clingy and cries when we leave her at the gym’s childcare center. I think separation anxiety is normal around this age and hopefully not a sign that she needs to get out more. Her bedtime/sleep routine has greatly improved.  In fact, it’s so good that I’m not going to say anything to jinx it 🙂 We had our first date night here with a babysitter from the gym who knows AKA well. It went smoothly so we’re hoping to get out again soon. Shopping and eating out as a family is getting tougher due to her short attention span so that’s kind of a drag. I see a lot of Red Robin outings in our future…

Speaking of food, this kid eats a TON. Is this normal? She will eat an entire PBJ, banana and cup of milk for breakfast and ask for more. That’s more than I eat! She is only in the 60th percentile for weight so I guess there’s no issue. But still…

I guess this is food-related too: I’ve decided to wean AKA once and for all this week. She’s still interested, and I still enjoy it, but I think weaning is the last hurdle to getting my hormones back in check. My hair is falling out in a big way, very similar to the way it did ~3 months post-partum (which is typical).  Truth be told my hair loss hasn’t stopped since that 3 month-mark and some doctors say that a reduction in nursing can be the cause. In rare cases, women can even experience post-weaning depression due to hormonal changes and also the emotions that accompany weaning.  For some moms, weaning marks the end of an era…the end of the baby year(s) and is definitely an emotional time. But it’s time to move on.

Onward and upward, as I say.

‘Till next month.

Doing "nose to nose" with the ghost!

Doing “nose to nose” with the ghost!


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