Year in Review

I’m jumping on the “year in review” wagon. It seems like everyone is doing this on Facebook but the photos that FB chose were not a good representation of my year (AKA’s hospitalization was not a highlight of 2014, thank you very much).

When I’m old and re-reading the story of my life, I will probably skip chapter 2014. On the surface it was fine, meaning everyone is healthy and doing well, but emotionally it was not a good year.  2015 seems to be headed in the same direction so I need to sharpen my pencil and start working on a new, more interesting chapter. Oh wait, I threw away our pencil sharpener years go…anyone got a pen that works?

That being said there were a few notable highs this year (I will spare you the lows):
Celebrating AKA’s first birthday with family and friends
The opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for a while
Girl’s trip to Seattle
Exploring Chicago
Racing a full CX season

Looking forward to a fresh start in 2015!


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