The 60-Day Challenge

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, why not be open to change and improvement all year?

However, our trip to Maui is coming up soon and the time frame of bikini-bod improvement just happens to coincide with the New Year. Inspired by a friend’s “60-Day Challenge”, I decided to create one of my own. There are a few reasons for this:

1. I wanted to fit into my pre-baby bikini. Unfortunately I tried it on yesterday and I think no amount of exercise and dieting can help my post-baby belly. It is what it is. So now I’m just shooting for a tankini bod.
2. I needed something to keep me going after CX season.
3. I needed something to keep me going…in general. It’s been a long six months.

So here’s what I’ve completed, nearly halfway through the challenge. There is no rhyme or reason behind these numbers, I just pulled them out of thin air:
Walking: 11/25 miles (BOB stroller)
Running: 17/40 miles
Outdoor cycling: 44/125 miles (sounds vague, but keep in mind there is no MTB here at all)
Gym classes: 6/20
Weight sessions: 4/15
Swim lessons: 0/5 ūüė¶
I also added these after the fact:
Gym cardio (like Stairmaster, etc.): 2/4 hours
Trainer: 1.5/4 hours

This¬†week I realized that meeting my 60-day goals will be more challenging than I thought. You see, I wrote my goals before it snowed. I¬†kinda sorta forgot that snow¬†can put¬†a damper on outdoor activities (which are already limited enough here in IL). I guess I’m used to driving to the snow like we did in Seattle, not living in it 24/7. Fresh, powdery snow is OK to run and ride in (on knobbies of course) but compacted snow and ice is too dangerous. Right now we have several inches of fluffy stuff, but once it melts/re-freezes into a solid sheet of ice¬†then it’s back to the gym or trainer. Part of me is OK with this- I love my gym and right now I am really loving the classes.¬† Plus it’s my off-season so I shouldn’t care too much about riding anyway. But the other half of me is saying “this sucks”.¬† The weather and lack¬†of outdoor activities¬†are forcing me to get creative…we’ll see how¬†my training¬†pans out when I start racing¬†this¬†spring!

But for now, I just have Maui on my mind. I’ll check back in before¬†we leave to give the final¬†results of my 60-day challenge. ‘Till then…


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