18 Months

I feel like this post is 18 months overdue! Ok, it’s more like 23 days, but still. I’d say nowadays I’m 25% too busy to write and 75% not able to use a computer with AKA around.

The holiday season has come and gone. Boo! Our house looks so empty without the tree, which actually made it through December without being pulled down or destroyed by AKA. Win! In fact, AKA had very little interest in the tree but I’m still glad I bought some of those shatterproof ornaments anyway. AKA made out like a bandit at Christmas and even learned to open her own gifts. Her favorites include a set of Duplo blocks, baby doll/blanket and a grocery cart with plastic food. She also received a pink Strider Bike and helmet! We have been practicing in the basement and by spring she’ll be passing up all the kids on the Prairie Path 🙂

Now that our holiday travel is over it’s back to the grind. Breakfast-gym-lunch-play-dinner-play-sleep. I really enjoy the 1-1 time with AKA and it’s be fun to teach her new things. She received a couple pictures books for Christmas and can point out just about everything in them now. Somehow she knew what pizza looked like (?). AKA can correctly identify a lot of things and understand basic commands but still doesn’t talk much. The latest words are ball, bowl (sounds like ball), cheese, color (which means crayons) and Boppa (Grandpa).

Half the time I don’t teach AKA, she just learns by observation. Oddly enough, a lot these tasks are cleaning-related (what does that tell you about my day?), like wiping up spills and cleaning windows. She is quite the helper and loves to load/unload the clothes dryer, empty the dishwasher and put groceries away.

I won’t bore you with every new accomplishment…just know that every day this kid throws me a curveball, leaving me to wonder  “Where did she learn that?”

I think AKA’s having a growth spurt- she’s been napping for 2+ hours/day (as opposed to only one hour) and has been sleeping till 7. I am loving this. A 2 hour nap means I can actually do something.  But alas, this phase will pass so I’m enjoying it while I can.  I think a growth spurt will do her good- she is still pretty slim except for the pot belly. She’s got most of her teeth now and it’s been a real treat trying to brush them…she just says “no” and runs away. Ugh. Her hair is growing pretty fast too- it might be time to trim her bangs a bit since they’re in her eyes. I’m kinda glad the rest of her hair hasn’t grown though; I am slightly concerned about having to style it (have you seen my hair??). Maybe E can step up to the plate when the time comes!

Well, that’s it for today. But first, a few photos:

Little helper!


Where does this go??

Where does this go??


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