Months 19-21

Yep, you read the title correctly- I am combining 3 months into one post. Don’t judge! To be honest I’ve just been too busy to write, plus it’s really difficult to use the computer around a certain someone… AKA either wants type (one of her latest words BTW) or watch a Minnie Mouse cartoon. I ‘m also having writer’s block despite having 3 months worth of material.

I suppose if I had to skip over a couple months, 19 and 20 would be good candidates. AKA changes by the day but nothing really stood out as a milestone during that time- she just keeps on getting bigger and smarter! The only “big” thing that happened this winter was our first family vacation in Hawaii.  Maui is a GREAT destination for adults and kids alike and we can’t wait to go back next year. Even though she won’t remember a thing, I know AKA still had a ball playing with Margaret at the beach and pool, and creating utter chaos in our condo. Travelling with another family is the way to go…the kids don’t get bored and parents can actually go out and have some fun. I signed AKA up for an Alaska Airlines mileage card and she already has 10k miles…crazy considering she’s only 21 months old.

So now it’s March and winter is technically over (I hope). We’ve been cooped up indoors for a long time but honestly the winter wasn’t that bad. Believe it or not I adjusted quickly to the cold weather (doesn’t mean I like it though!) and AKA didn’t seem to care either as long as she was bundled up. However, she didn’t really like playing in the snow so that was kind of a bust. So we ended up spending a lot of time at the gym which I guess isn’t a bad thing. We had a little “heat wave” last week which was awesome- temps ranged from 55-70 and that dumb snow finally melted. AKA learned a new word: park.  The best thing about our neighborhood is the abundance of parks- we have at least five within walking distance (one of which has a huge pool and splash pad). AKA is getting really good at climbing the equipment and going down slides in every way possible (face first, backwards, you name it), but gets run over by the bigger kids. So I have to watch her and now all the other kids too, since most other parents are glued to their phones.

So AKA just turned 21 months old. Crazy to think that in June we’ll start counting her age in years instead of months. I just can’t get over how quickly the time is passing. I have been enjoying my time home with AKA but it’s definitely getting more challenging. She sure has changed a lot in the last few weeks…mostly for the better but that defiant toddler attitude is definitely kicking in. This is the time when parents wonder what happened to their sweet little baby. It seems like only yesterday that I was holding a smiling, cooing little sweetheart… now I have a toddler who will give me a 2-second hug (only because I asked for one, mind you) and then run away. AKA received her first official time-out yesterday. The offense? Smacking Mega Blocks out of my hand during a 15-minute tantrum over nothing. She woke up from a 3-hour nap and just started crying for no reason. Everything I suggested (books, snuggles, food, toys) were all met with a dramatic “NO!” and plenty of rolling on the floor. I picked up some blocks and started stacking them to see if she’d come around, and that’s when she took things to the next level. Surprisingly the time out worked and she was pleasant the rest of the evening. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more of that in the future though.

Other more positive accomplishments of note:

-Learning colors. “Yah yow” is my favorite 🙂

-Communication is a LOT easier now. AKA can tell me what she wants to do (or not do) and eat. She can even open the fridge and help herself to a slice of cheese, fruit or drag the milk container out.

-Knows a ton of words…way too many to list.

-Moving on from the high chair to a regular one (this is only good because I have back pain and lifting her is tough).

-Trying to dress herself- particularly pants, shoes and socks. Not very good at it.

-Goes to daycare one day/week again and loves it.

-Seems to love being in the spotlight-if you saw the video of her dancing at my cousin’s wedding you’d understand!

-Understands the concept of help- she’ll say “halp” when she actually needs it, like when going up stairs or putting on shoes, and also when I come in the door with grocery bags- she wants to help me unload them. Pretty cute.

-LOVES being outdoors.

-Started calling me “Mommy” instead of “Mama”, which makes me kind of sad.  Unfortunately she does not have a word for the grandmas yet :\

I’m sure there’s more but you have better things to do than sit and read all day!

First haircut went smoothly.

First haircut went smoothly.

Enjoying the snuggles while they last...

Enjoying the snuggles while they last…

AKA loves playing in the car. It's been the subject of many battles lately...

AKA loves playing in the car. It’s been the subject of many battles lately…

This photo cracks me up- it's impossible to get good photos with toddlers!

This cracks me up- it’s impossible to get good photos with toddlers!


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