Months 22-24

Wow, it’s already June and AKA turns two in just a few weeks. We have been having a great time together lately and I am really glad/grateful/lucky to be home with her. Now, there are some days when I want to pull out my hair or break open that bottle of Absolut Pear though…

So what’s new with AKA?

We started potty training a month or so ago, on a very casual basis just to see what would happen. Practically everyone who spends time with AKA has told us that she’s more than ready. So we got out the M&M’s and gave it a try. She gets the idea but doesn’t always communicate her needs though. We’ve been travelling a lot so I guess this isn’t best timing; maybe we’ll get more serious when Eric’s back from Alaska and we’re home for a while. I know some parents are SO anxious to get their kid out of diapers but honestly they’re not a big deal (to us, at least).  Diapers are expensive though, and I know that cost puts stress on some families. BTW did you know that diapers are not covered by food stamps? There is some talk of making them tax-free which would be awesome. Anyway…

AKA is a total chatterbox now and I love wondering what she’ll say next. She is just starting to repeat us so we have to be careful what we say around her. Communication is so much easier now- she can tell us if something hurts, if she has to use the potty, if she’s tired, you name it. Sentences are becoming longer and more complex. She knows a lot of letters but numbers are still tough. She says “One, two, eight, nine…” which is pretty cute.  Colors- mastered. Animal sounds- mastered. You know, important stuff for a toddler 🙂

There is no doubt that AKA is my kid- she LOVES to be outside and is always playing in the dirt.  She’s always by my side digging up something when I’m out working in the yard, or pushing the bubble mower alongside Eric when he mows the grass. The other day she told me the car was dirty just so we could play with soap and water. She is definitely not a dainty girl and that’s OK with me.  The park is her second home and she’s already moved on from the toddler section to the big kid slides. She yells “Again!” as soon as she gets to the bottom.

There is no shortage of cuteness right now. Here are some favorite “Amelia-isms”

-She has a 3 part-display of affection, which includes a sloppy kiss, touching noses and then a hug.
-My favorite mis-pronounced words are “Nooey” (noodle) and “Yoey” (yogurt) and “Mah-shee” (Margaret).
-She is constantly talking about parties, birthdays and of course, cake.
-AKA is obsessed with Minnie Mouse and is always asking for “Minnay”, said with something that resembles a Southern drawl. We have gone so far as to hide some of her Minnie books out of frustration but she always manages to find them :\

We just got back from a trip to Seattle which was part work and part fun. Amelia had such a great time playing with her little friend Margaret- it was really nice to see her so happy and excited. Kids are totally like pack animals LOL. It makes me sad though that the two can’t spend more time together. AKA doesn’t really have “friends” here, which at age two means kids who she sees on a regular basis. I feel kind of bad about that.

Well, that’s it for now. The countdown to TWO begins!

Eating cake, of course.

Eating cake, of course.


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