Posted in August 2015

We Have a Two-Year-Old!

AKA turned the big TWO a couple months ago. Two!! I’m kind of at a loss for words. AKA isn’t though- she is a chatterbox and seems to learn a new word every day. So many words in fact that I can’t even compile them into a list like I did a few months ago. Sentences are becoming more complex, like “Dada … Continue reading

Preseason rambling…

Cross is coming…or is it already here? I guess Sunday’s relay race kicked off the season but thankfully our local series doesn’t start until the end of September. Relay Cross was fun and a good reminder that I need to work on handling- big time. Apparently I forgot what it’s like to corner on wet … Continue reading

Meltdown 2015 Race Report

The biggest MTB race in Chicagoland is the Palos Meltdown. Oh wait, who am I kidding, it’s the only race in the area. I raced it last year, right after we moved here and with very saddle time. Thankfully I still had some muscle memory and managed to win the Sport category. I can’t believe it’s … Continue reading