Preseason rambling…

Cross is coming…or is it already here? I guess Sunday’s relay race kicked off the season but thankfully our local series doesn’t start until the end of September. Relay Cross was fun and a good reminder that I need to work on handling- big time. Apparently I forgot what it’s like to corner on wet grass. On the positive side I actually lowered my tire pressure under 38 psi!

I’ve been racing cross since 2007 upgraded to cat 2 in 2011. I worked really hard for that upgrade but the last couple years I’ve felt more like a 3 than a 2. I’d like to say that motherhood has something to do with it, but I know plenty of moms who are fast (if not faster than before they had kids). Stress maybe? Our current situation is less than ideal and is causing all sorts of frustration. Who knows. As you may have read on Facebook my insomnia is back…I haven’t had solid sleep in nearly a month. The good news is that it’s slowly getting better but it’s like training yourself to sleep all over again- you actually have to work at it.

I have been riding quite a bit this summer (more than last year, that is) and I’m hoping it helps with my endurance. I have also been trying to get used to my new(er) bike…the fit is definitely not ideal and it rides more like a Cadillac sedan than a 2-seater Porsche. I can’t tinker with the fit anymore so I’ll just have to deal with it. It’ll be great for next year’s gravel races though.

If I had my way I’d be racing in a master’s category, but the CCC doesn’t offer that for women since our fields are so small. I disagree though- maybe some women want to race but can’t compete with 16-year olds (just like the men). Whatever. I’d even try singlespeed too but alas, women don’t have a separate category for that either.

The CCC has eleven races this year, and I think the only break is over Thanksgiving weekend.  All races count towards the overall standings too. Ugh. I doubt I’ll be able to do them all…the Cincy 2-day looks fun and I hear there also a few Iceman spots available. Who knows, maybe I’ll fly back to Seattle for Woodland Park??

So, we’ll see what happens this season. I really hope that I’m not a cat 2 bottom-feeder again 🙂


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