CCC #5- Sunrise Park

Another week, another race.

I was destined to have a good day- the weather was beautiful and best of all, the entire Abraham family got a full night of uninterrupted, unmedicated sleep! I honestly can’t remember the last time all three of us slept through the night. AKA crawled into our bed, put her face right next to mine and said, “Bike race today. Race other bikers. Mama go fast.”. How cute is that? My own toddler giving me a pep talk.

The women’s 1-2-3 race was the highlight of the day- usually a handful of fast ladies show up, but today all of them came out of the woodwork. Looking at the start list I already knew who would be in the top five. I normally don’t like to count myself out before the race even starts but this was pretty obvious. So I set a goal of making the top ten.

I am actually 3rd in the series (not for long though), so I got another front-row call up which is always nice. I’ll take it while I can get it! The top five ladies pulled away from the start, leaving the rest of us to battle our own race. This course had something for everyone and racers took advantage of the sections that suited them, so there was quite a bit of movement between places 5-11. I personally liked the sketchy turns and off-camber stuff, so I passed a couple ladies on those sections. And then some passed me on the power sections. The course was also very long and I thought for sure we’d have a four, maybe five-lap race. So imagine my surprise when, after lap three, I see three more on the board. Really?!  I spent the last couple laps protecting my 10-place position, which required quite a bit of extra effort.

All in all it was a good day- I met my goals for this race and my legs didn’t feel lead weights either 🙂 I’m hoping this is the momentum I need to get me through the rest of the season…eventually the weather is going to turn and I would rather hibernate than ride my bike. My long-sleeve skinsuit, base layer and embrocation are sitting in my closet and I dread that day that I have to wear them. All part of racing in the Midwest I suppose!

Good times at Sunrise Park!

Good times at Sunrise Park!


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