CCC #7- Woodstock

I’ll just cut to the chase- this was my worst race in many years (not including mechanicals). Oddly enough, it coincided with my first stab at taking AKA to a race by myself. Eric is on a biz trip, but I really wanted to race so I arranged for a sitter at the race (plenty of racer’s kids to help out!).

Managing a toddler solo is tough enough, but getting her to the race required a logistical plan to rival that of D-Day. To make matters worse AKA is in the whiny, overly-dramatic “NO!” phase and has been driving me nuts the last few days. Maybe it would be different if we weren’t spending 24/7 together…

So we actually left the house on time, mostly due to the fact that I promised her ice cream after the race. And then she screamed at the top of her lungs for the first 20 minutes of the drive (did I mention she’s also in the “I don’t want to be in the car” phase?). I was about to lose my temper…so I turned up the volume on the radio. Thankfully she fell asleep. Ugh. When I got to the race I joked that maybe we should to go bar for a couple hours rather than race. Ok, maybe I wasn’t joking. The awesome sitters took the kids away in our wagon and then I had time to go about my pre-race routine.

I used to be a trainer warm-up kind of person but it’s kind of a pain to lug my heavy Kinetic to and from the tent. Plus our car is already packed to the gills with kid stuff. So all season I’ve just been tooling around with a few sprints here and there and I’m not sure it works for me. Might have to change things up next week and see how it goes.

I think I was still decompressing from AKA’s tantrum at the start line. I realized that I was overdressed too- knickers and arm warmers were overkill. In my defense I bet a lot of people were overdressed as well 🙂 I had a really good start but for whatever reason slowed with every lap. Now, I did have a slow leak in my rear tire that I tried fixing the night before to no avail. My remedy was to put more air in than usual in case it decided to give out during the race. Not the best plan because the course was so bumpy, but it worked I guess. And I kept hearing a rhythmic “clink” which drove me crazy…I think some spokes are loose. No excuses to slow me down though.

The course required 4 dismounts- barriers, Belgian stairs, a sand pit and a run-up. Fun, but doing that 6x was rough. My arms actually felt tired pushing my bike up the hill :\  At one point a woman with a rear-view mirror on her helmet passed me and I was rightfully heckled for it. Ha! At the end I just let people go without a chase. I ended up 13/39.

I’m converting to tubeless this week so I’m hoping that’ll help for the upcoming Indian Lakes double-header. I’ve never raced two days in a row so it’ll be an interesting weekend.




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