CCC #8 & 9- Indian Lakes

I’ve never raced two days in a row, unless you count 24-hour events. Since my performance at Woodstock was less than stellar I wasn’t too excited about the upcoming double-header at Indian Lakes.  Golf courses tend to be non-technical and favor roadies, which I am not. On a good note the venue was very close to our house, maybe 20 minutes or so.

I chatted with a few folks who had already ridden/raced the course and everyone agreed that it was surprisingly fun. They were right! Riding on a golf course meant short, manicured grass and best of all, no bumps! I swear bumpy courses just sap the energy out of me. Plus there were just enough features like short climbs and off-camber stuff to keep things interesting.

Even though this race was on Saturday I don’t remember much of it. As usual the top four were long gone, and a small chase group formed in a bid for fifth.  Just like at the Randall Oaks race, I felt really good right from the start and knew I’d do well.  Thanks to my lower tire pressure I was able to take turns a lot faster and just felt more in control overall.  It came down to the last 1/4 mile or so of the last lap…I was able to pass someone to take 5th.  I was pretty pleased with my improvement over last weekend.

No need to pre-ride the course today, so I arrived roughly an hour before the start. Just enough time to check in and warm up! My legs didn’t feel too tired but then again my warm up was short and relatively easy. My attitude for today was “Whatever”- I was happy with yesterday’s finish and really had no expectations for this second race. Luckily I had a good start and felt even more in control than the day before. I tried to chase fifth place down but ended up ten seconds back. Oddly enough my overall time was faster today than on Saturday. Go figure! Even though I missed out on the money I was still super happy to finish sixth behind some very fast ladies.

There are only two more races left in the CCC. I didn’t race Melas Basin last year so I don’t know what to expect. “Supposedly” the course will be muddy due to snow on Friday and Saturday, which is pretty exciting- real CX weather! However the temps are going to be in the mid-20’s. Ugh. After that are the State Champs at Montrose. I DNF’d last year so just finishing will be an improvement!







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