2015 Season Recap

My 2015 CX season is officially over. The season finale is always kind of bittersweet- most of us are SO ready to be done.  After all, racing every weekend for the last 2.5 months gets a little old. On the other hand, Sundays are a big social event and I will definitely miss seeing friends and teammates on a regular basis. Now we’re all just going to sit on our trainers until April 😦

I was feeling pretty good after the Indian Lakes double-header but the cancellation of Melas kind killed my mojo. I was just coming off a rest week, and then we all got sick here so basically I wasted two weeks. I made an attempt to rally with a hard workout last Wednesday but it might have been too much…

The best part of today was the weather- upper 40’s and sunny in December! So awesome.  I think I even spotted a faint tan line on my arms. Last year was miserably cold- it was our first taste of Midwest winter and I kinda froze up (literally) which resulted in a bit fat DNF.

My legs felt heavy during today’s pre-ride and warmup but I figured they’d get better during the race. Well, they didn’t- the first lap was tough yet manageable but I dropped back on the second and third. I slid out on a slick off-camber and the sandpit monster got me a couple times (thankfully no crashes- just some tipping over). I found my second wind on laps four and five but it wasn’t enough to move up much. Someone dropped a chain after the barriers though and I was able to take advantage of that. I rolled across the line in 7th…slightly disappointed as I was hoping for 5th. Oh well!  Hopefully I placed well in the overall series standings though.

I was planning on going to Nationals but I just don’t think I can stay focused on training over the holidays. We’re pretty busy and the thought of lugging my trainer to Michigan doesn’t sound awesome.

Overall I am really pleased with this season’s results. They may not have been very consistent but that’s OK, we all have bad days. I have trained as hard as I can considering my current work/life situation and have had to be really creative at times- spin classes instead of regular rides when I needed childcare, finding ways to keep AKA busy when I’m on the trainer, sneaking in weights during naptime, etc.  Making it work. I have raced long enough to know how to train but I really needed some accountability this year, so I hired a coach. Peter Kelly of ROK training has been so awesome- he’s knowledgeable (and a good racer himself!), patient, flexible and always willing to adjust my schedule (which happened a billion times this season). Highly recommended!!!

So now it’s time to eat a lot, take cheesy step aerobics classes at the gym and start thinking about mountain bike season.

Here’s a short video of our trip through the sand:


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