Wow, it looks like I’m a little behind when it comes to chronicling the life of AKA. It’s definitely not due to a lack of material! She has changed so much in the last six months that the longer I wait the harder it gets to write everything down. Cue the highlight reel…

First, I should mention that the twos aren’t as terrible as we thought they would be (because it’s really the terrible threes, right??). Don’t get me wrong; we hear our fair share of “NO!” and whining but now we can reason with her, so tantrums don’t get out of hand as much as they used to. AKA is a fully-functioning kid now and we treat her like one. In fact I keep forgetting that she is only two and most strangers think she’s older too- she’s tall and talks very well for her age. It’s when I see her next to, say, a three-year old that I feel she still has a little baby in her. Long gone are the naps in my lap and nights rocking her to sleep though. Now I have to ask her for a hug! That’s a hard thing for this Mama.

E and I have really been enjoying this stage of AKA’s life. She’s just so much fun and so full of energy. Need a pick-me-up? Just talk to her for five minutes and you’re bound to start laughing, either because something she said didn’t make sense, or because she dishes out some sage advice: “Next time watch your step Mama. You won’t trip.”.

This kid is a 31-pound sponge right now, and since I’m her primary caregiver/teacher a lot of her knowledge comes from me. It’s been fun trying to come with new experiences and learning opportunities. Last week we tried ice skating, which was way out of her comfort zone (mine too!) and despite not figuring it out, she wanted to go back again. So we did. It’s been a good opportunity to teach her about failure (falling) and practice. She saw another little girl do a faceplant on the ice and I explained that it happens to everyone. Last night we planted a funky old potato and some sunflower seeds, so I can teach her about plants. Liability and patience aside, I think it would be fun to open a preschool that offers more than just the same old “Wheels on the Bus” and finger painting curriculum. Although homeschooling is definitely not for me (um, math) I do understand why some parents choose to go that route- it would be nice to have a say in what/how my kid learns. I guess that’s what weekends are for. One thing (of many) that bugs me about the Chicago ‘burbs is the lack of diversity. This wasn’t an issue in Seattle given the population and the fact that her daycare was in a nursing home. Need to work on that more. I had to resort to showing her a friend’s Christmas photo card to inform her that some kids have two daddies.

I personally feel like there are few things that are very difficult to learn as an adult (speaking from experience), like swimming, rock climbing, skiing and golf. So AKA will definitely resume swim lessons, and we’ll go check out the rock and ski stuff to see if she shows any interest. I hope so, because we need something to do this winter (being cooped up in the house sucks)! As for golf…all I ask is that she can hit a ball because I can’t even do that myself. Ha! Maybe Grandpa Ralph can show her a thing or two next summer. On another lesson-related note, she starts kiddie dance classes in a couple weeks. This should be interesting…getting her to wear tights is going to be a battle for sure. Ugh. I’m buying everything second-hand in case she doesn’t like it after one lesson (I guess that’s what I did as a kid).

AKA is proving to be quite useful, which is pretty great! It’s nice having a little helper to hold items, doors and fetch things when my hands are full. She is also good at finding misplaced items. We’ve been giving her little chores like setting the table, talking to and giving treats to Little Bird in the morning (mostly to shut him up), filling up the bird feeder, etc. So far so good!

I could ramble on for pages. So instead I’ll leave you with a few factoids:

Height: 31 1/4″
Weight: 31 lbs
Favorite foods: Sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets and berries
Favorite stuffed animal: Any one of like seven Minnie Mouses
Favorite toys: Anything with Minnie Mouse on it and Play-Doh
Favorite clothing: See above
Favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (duh)
Favorite books: Anything involving a certain Mouse
Biggest wish: To go visit Minnie Mouse’s house (aka Disneyworld)
New words that she finds hilarious: Coconuts and shamrock
Favorite song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Caspar Babypants
Dislikes: Car seat, bedtime and putting away her toys


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