AKA 2.75

AKA is technically a few months away from the BIG 3 but I feel like she’s already there. Compared to many kids her age she’s really tall, active and chatty…it seems like every time we go out another parent comments that AKA seems much older than 2.75.

It’s all about being a “big kid” now- AKA has big girl socks, big girl forks, big girl cups, big girl underpants, big girl pants (with a button) etc.. Last week she graduated to the “big kid swing” at the park which made us a little sad. And I just realized that we’re only one step away from leaving the baby aisle altogether at Target (pull ups). *Sniff*. She wants to do everything herself too by proclaiming “I do it!”. Now you know why older toddlers wear mismatched outfits…because they dress themselves. AKA has an affinity for wearing black which makes this 90’s mama very happy 🙂

We’ve officially entered the Why stage. It can very annoying. Here’s a typical convo:
Me for the fifth time: “Get dressed!”
AKA “Why?”
Me: “We can’t be late.”
AKA: “Why?”
Me: “Because we need to be on time for appointments.”
AKA: “Why?”
Me: “Because I said so!”

Naturally, AKA wants to learn what things do. Sometimes the explanation is simple i.e.- refrigerators keep food cold. Other times…I am totally stumped. What does a snail do? I don’t know, eat my plants and leave a trail of slime? Do they do anything else? Or my recent favorite, what does a princess do? Uh, sit around and eat bon-bons? Some things are hard to explain to a toddler…

We recently acquired a little bike with training wheels (thanks J-beks!) and it’s been fun watching AKA learn to pedal. She’s improved a lot in the last couple weeks but is still trying to master the brake. I wasn’t planning on using training wheels but the bike is a little too big for her to control without them, so for now I guess she can practice pedaling. Plus it kills my back to lean over and hold her up. Ugh. Kid bikes in general just suck- they are so heavy and clunky. It would be like me trying to learn to ride on a 100-lb bike or something. AKA still rides her Strider bike a lot, because according to her it’s faster 🙂 She flies on that thing!

AKA is just starting to be social around other kids. Last night we went to McDonald’s (yes, we eat there occasionally and yes we like it!) and a little girl asked her to play. It was cute to watch the two hold hands, converse and run around. It takes the pressure off me a bit too- the other mom and I just chatted and kicked back with our fries. On the other hand, it’s another sign that AKA is growing up and needs me less and less every day. *Sniff*

We’re going to Disney World later this month and it’s all AKA can talk about. She is SO excited. I’m excited too because I love Disney and can’t wait to share it with AKA. It will be interesting to go with a toddler though…

So as you can imagine the last couple months have been fun, amusing, frustrating and hectic…all at the same time. Good stuff 🙂



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