Bike Season is Here!

I haven’t trained for a spring/summer race season in a very long time. 2010 maybe? Back then I had no idea how to properly train for a 24-hour solo, winged it and managed to win. Looking back I’d say that was more luck than skill though.

I decided to keep my awesome coach on board after CX season…I wasn’t sure how to train over the winter here (mostly indoors) and how to train smart (I have limited time to ride). Peter’s been a HUGE help!

In other news, I decided to leave the HAC team at the end of 2015…I really loved the group but they are most definitely a city team and it’s hard being so far away in the ‘burbs. I was planning to go solo this summer but recently learned of a new all-women’s MTB team and decided to join. I haven’t focused on MTB in a while and am looking forward to a fun season!

My attitude about riding and racing has been changing since CX season.  I think one reason is because there just aren’t as many opportunities to recreate here as there were out west…in other words a lack of motivation. More than anything though, I think I’m just growing up and moving on. I forgot my headphones on Sunday’s ride so I had a lot of quiet time to ponder life (I only use them on the PP, btw). I came to the conclusion that I’ve officially reached max capacity when it comes to training. I just can’t fit anymore hours in unless I want sacrifice something else that’s important to me, like spending time with Eric and AKA. Oh, and I almost forgot- I’m an AMATEUR racer at best! That being said, I can still improve by training smarter, not longer. And ditching the junk food might help improve my power/weight ratio a bit… #damncheesecurds

The women’s cycling scene here is quite young. And mostly childless. And seemingly single. I won’t lie…I’ve been a wee bit jealous seeing all the Facebook pics of impromptu rides and week-long training camps in warm places. But then I remind myself that I was once young and childless and did all those fun things too. I’m looking forward to summer to we can go on a carefully planned and scheduled trip that involves tag-team riding with Eric, revolving around naptime and kid-friendly activities 🙂 Ha!

My first race of the season is coming up on April 16th- the Barry-Roubaix. I did this last year and it wasn’t super awesome, mostly because it was 13 degrees at the start. Right now the forecast is calling for 64 and sunny which is a massive improvement, I would say! Since it’s the first race of the season I have no idea how it’ll go but I’m hoping to improve my time from last year. So yeah, I guess I should get my race bike up to speed, huh? Having four bikes in constant use means one of them always needs adjusting/a tune-up/an overhaul. I can’t keep up! New cleat for my road shoes, new cleats/fit for MTB, new cleats for CX shoes, derailleur adjustments for 3/4 bikes, squealing brakes on the MTB, flat on my B bike. Ugh!

As far as the rest of my season goes I’ve got a few races on the calendar…we have a lot of work travel to plan around so I can add anything else yet:

Thrilla in Marilla
WEMS Northern Kettles 6-hour
Mohican 100 (100K version)
Wausau 24-hour…maybe solo??
Palos Meltdown

Check back for a Barry-Roubaix report in a couple weeks!



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