Posted in May 2016

WEMS Alpine Valley

I had such a good experience at the last WEMS race (except for those lousy rocks) that I decided to give the Alpine Valley race a shot. It is relatively close (if you consider 2 hours close) and a few of my Skunkworks teammates were planning to race as well. I’ve never ridden up at AV … Continue reading

The Disney Download

I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can remember. I LOVE it. For the most part it’s a happy place (minus the crying kids and frustrated parents) and is definitely for the young at heart. Over the years I’ve brought friends along with me (remember all the soccer guys, Sarah??) and even a skeptical boyfriend … Continue reading

WEMS #2 Race Report

So I was feeling pretty deflated after my Barry-Roubaix DNF. Add to that 9 days off the bike (vacation, but Disney with a toddler so…) and I felt I had to do some sort of race to keep my motivation going. Enter the WEMS Greenbush Grinder!  North Kettles isn’t exactly a one-day trip so I talked the … Continue reading