The Disney Download

I’ve been to Disney World more times than I can remember. I LOVE it. For the most part it’s a happy place (minus the crying kids and frustrated parents) and is definitely for the young at heart. Over the years I’ve brought friends along with me (remember all the soccer guys, Sarah??) and even a skeptical boyfriend (Eric, circa 1999) who is now a big fan. To be honest I’d totally live in Orlando and work at one of the parks if I could 🙂

So as you can probably tell from all of my Facebook photos AKA is obsessed with Minnie. And I was seriously overdue for a dose of Disney. Sounds like a good time to visit the mouse, eh?  So we started making plans and even talked my parents into coming with us.

We’ve been hyping up Disney World to AKA since she was little. In fact her nursery décor was inspired by Fantasyland. So for months before the trip it’s all she’s wanted to talk about. “Let’s talk about Minnie.”.

Boy, planning for a Disney trip sure has changed a lot. In the old days you just showed up. Now you have to schedule everything way in advance (to avoid loooong lines)- rides, character photos, restaurants, etc.  You get these “Magic Bands” which double as a room key, credit card (!), ID, you name it.  Convenient but they seem like overkill. And of course it’s not all for your convenience…those bands are used to track your info for market research too. You can also download an app that tells you, well, pretty  much everything from wait times to all of the reservations you made months in advance. I get it, Disney is keeping up with technology but I kind of liked the old days better.  On a funny note when I went grocery shopping after our trip, I tried waving my watch in front of the credit card reader thinking it was a Magic Band. Doh.

Since all of us have been to DW so many times this trip was all about her- kid pace, kid schedule and kid interests. We decided to play each day by ear instead of following our usual fast-paced itinerary.  We landed in Orlando around 2pm, picked up the car and my parents and then had lunch around the hotel pool. Poor AKA, she wanted to swim so badly that she kept taking off her clothes. However, we decided to spend the evening at the Magic Kingdom instead. She had a blast but I think she was somewhat overwhelmed by…everything. I don’t blame her!  The rest of the week we spent time at the pool, Typhoon Lagoon, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and then back at the Magic Kingdom. Oh yeah, we even played a round of putt-putt and surprisingly AKA liked it (and no one got hit by her plastic club, which is a miracle).

Tea Cups
Kiddie roller coaster (she was screaming, just loved it)
Dumbo ride
Ice cream in any form
Those pollution-spewing cars you can drive on tracks (loved riding with my dad!)
Princess castle (only when lit up purple though)
Animal Kingdom Lodge- wild animals roaming under our deck was cool
Space Mountain- it hasn’t been renovated and I love the old-school cheese factor!

Typhoon Lagoon- all she wanted to do was play in the sand…
Epcot Center- not really for little kids, plus Future World needs some updating!

Pirates of the Caribbean- darkness, monsters and cannons…oops…
Enchanted Tiki Room: darkness and scary singing Tikis
A Bug’s Life 3-D movie- darkness, strobe lights, spiders dropping from ceiling…oops..
Not bringing our own stroller- carrying around 30+ pounds of dead weight after a long day is rough. We broke down and rented one- total lifesaver!

All in all it was a great trip and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I was totally exhausted when I got home…10 miles/day of walking will do that to you! The weather was FANTASTIC too- 80/90-degrees and sunny. It was a total bummer to come home to 45 degrees and gloom. Ugh.

AKA keeps asking when we’re going back…





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