Bike-Related Hodge Podge

First up- the WEMS Southern Kettles Classic recap. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one except low motivation + 2 pm start + stomach pain = meh.

I’ve only ridden the Emma Carlin trails once and apparently I’ve forgotten how rocky they are. You know how much I LOVE rock gardens! However, the trails were not nearly as bad as Greenbush, so I’ll chalk that up as a positive.  The race began under the hot sun with a LeMans start and I found myself in the front 1/4 or so. The first couple miles were not as chaotic as I thought they’d be, which was great, and soon the crowed thinned out and I was riding by myself for most part. Once I got going my stomach pain subsided and I just spent the next couple hours maintaining second place (since I will never, ever beat the first place gal). The laps were short and we were limited to 3, so I finished in 2:19…a little short for a WEMS race but given the heat and such I was Ok with it.

So basically I was coming off nearly 3 weeks of rest/sick/low motivation/not much riding. It’s crazy how much of a toll stress takes on your body 😦  In fact I’ve been feeling so crummy that I decided to use this race as gauge, to see if I should just pull the plug on MTB racing for the rest of the summer. However, I was surprised to find my legs feeling pretty good…it was the rocks and roots that wore me out. I know a LOT of people ride hardtails here but I just can’t get into mine…maybe I’m too old and need something a little more forgiving. With that in mind, I may be putting the Scott up for sale this fall.  Any interest??

As of now I have no other races lined up this summer. Maybe the WORS Collectivo Cup in mid-July,  but that’s about it. I just wish we had more than 1 race in IL…everything else is like a 4-hour drive from here and I’m really over spending every weekend in WI. I had planned to race the Wausau 24 hour solo but it’s another long drive and I haven’t trained enough for it.  And the Meltdown is the same weekend as my 20-year reunion. So maybe I’ll find a couple crits instead. TBD.

It seems like everyone is already talking about ‘cross. I take that back- I don’t think people have stopped talking about cross since last season. It’s like a year-round thing now. Ugh. On one hand I think “For f*ck’s sake, it’s only June!” but that little voice in the back of head whispers “But Jingle Cross is in September!”   Such is CX life.

Anywho, I think I shall blow off today’s ride in favor of a trip to Target 🙂 ‘Till next time…





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