The Big Three

I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that AKA is three. A little big kid now. Life has been moving at such a fast pace lately that I haven’t had much time to dwell on The Big Three until now. It’s a range of emotions for Mama- happy, sad, proud, excited, worried, and frustrated all at the same time. AKA changes so much now. Blink and you’ll miss it.

All in all we’ve been having fun though. If you’ve spent any time around a three-year-old you’ll know what I’m talking about- they’re goofy, silly, imaginative and always on the go. AKA is always on the go…she bounces from one toy to the next, dumping out the Duplo box, taking EVERYTHING out of her play kitchen and soon the room looks like a tornado ripped through it. So I came up with idea of “toy rotation” which means some toys are put away for a couple months 1.) to reduce clutter and cleanup time and 2.) AKA has “new” toys to keep her interested. However, she’s getting old enough to notice when something’s missing, so the whole idea may backfire on me eventually! I was talking to the pediatrician today and she told me couldn’t stand painting with her kid when he was little. I instantly knew why- 10 min of setup, 3 minutes of actual painting (and going through 12 pieces of paper) and an hour of clean up. I’ll leave that to daycare 🙂

AKA is becoming wicked smart now and knows how to work the situation. Here’s a sampling:

Me, tired because I slept two hours the night before: “Ok, time to leave the park. Mama’s tired.”
AKA: “Ok Mama. You make me chicken nuggets, sweet potatoes and milk. Then I watch a show and you can take a nap.”
Anything to watch a show…

Or my favorite:

Me: “Why did you poo in your Pull-Up?” Keep in mind AKA is potty-trained.
AKA: “Because you miss your baby and babies poo in diapers.”

There have been so many accomplishments lately and it seems every day AKA learns something new. Let’s see…she can fold small towels neatly (for a kid), spell her name, use scissors, can hold a plank pose (?), scale a countertop (!) and RIDE A BIKE!! I’ve felt like she’s been ready for a while now, so last week I suggested that we remove the training wheels. She said OK and after holding her little back steady for a while, I let go and off she went. Definitely the highlight of the summer. However, she’s not all that into riding so I’m not pushing it. No hurry!

If you own Disney stock and it skyrocketed lately, it’s probably because AKA has an unhealthy obsession with Mickey and friends. She has Minnie shoes, shirts, underpants, pajamas, bathing suit, towel, suitcase, lotion, aprons, placemats, dishes, cash register, lacing cards, magnetic figure, blanket, bike, books, Duplo set, vacuum cleaner as well as many stuffed varieties. My phone is full of Mickey/Minnie apps and videos and we talk about Disney World…every single night (“What color is the castle now?”). It’s fun though. I’ll take Disney ANY day over Dora or Thomas!

As far as other toys go, she has zero interest in baby dolls but has dozens of “babies” aka stuffed animals. Her favorites are the owls.  And the CleverKeet. AKA also loves board games as she’s just starting to figure them out. I feel bad for making my dad play so many games of Sorry over the years…

Bedtime is not awesome but I think it’ll improve once we get her a adult-sized bed. I don’t mind snuggling with her though, since it’s short-lived, and once she falls asleep we just move her to her room. I am very thankful that she still naps 2-3 hours a day…I honestly can’t imagine life without them!

AKA is finally realizing that bad behavior has consequences. I pulled the plug on a recent swim session because she threw a kickboard at me. In the car, crying, she said she was sorry and I told her it was OK. Then a few hours later, she said “Mama, I’m sorry for throwing the kickboard”. And the next day too. So apparently it stuck with her….but I had to tell her that one apology was enough!  Sweet kid. Her memory is pretty sharp too- today she coughed and said she needed honey…we tried that over the winter and I’m surprised she remembers that far back. I had better watch what I do and say around her now!

Well, there you have it- life with 3-year old AKA. Never a dull moment around here!



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