WORS #5- Minooka Park

This race didn’t cross my mind until some friends said they were camping up in WI that weekend and asked if we’d like to join. Sounds like a plan!

We pre-rode the course on Saturday which I rarely do.  I have to say, for a small park the organizers sure maximized the terrain and trails- lots of tight singletrack punctuated by long grassy sections. Oh, and that lovely starting hill…ugh. After riding Eric declared that he wanted to race too, so he went ahead and registered for the beginner event (yay!).

The next morning we woke up relatively early, broke down the campsite and headed over to Minooka Park. Eric’s race was at 10 and mine at 1:30, so I watched AKA for a couple hours while Eric slayed the 40-44 men’s group. I’ll be honest…AKA has been, um, kind of a pain lately and I think she sapped half of my energy/motivation before my race even started. I have a hard time dealing with the whining…plus it was pretty hot out already and I was getting frustrated really quickly. Ugh. Thank God her little friend Lola arrived so I could zone out a bit!

I headed out for a brief warm-up and then lined up under the hot sun with the Pro/Cat 1 ladies. I toyed with the idea of racing the Open category but since this was my last MTB race of the season I decided to step up and see how I stacked up to the fast girls. Well, let’s just say Cat 1 in IL is not the same as Cat 1 in WI…I got crushed. I’m sure there were other factors that contributed to my slowness but I won’t make excuses. I was painfully slow and clumsy though the singletrack and stuggled on the grass sections. All in all not a great race. And then…the Comp guys started catching up and passing, which is SO frustrating.  On the last lap I moved over to let a dude pass, got caught up in the brush and endo’d. I hit the deck pretty hard and have some interesting bruises to show for it.

So as you can tell, I don’t have a lot of positive things to say about my performance. But- I do have a lot of great things to say about the WORS series, which is the largest MTB series in the country. The turnout is HUGE and the events are so family friendly! Food trucks, toys for little kiddos, MTB patrol at every sketchy corner…pretty rad.

I guess it’s on to CX now…


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