CX Progress Report

We have less than a month to go before State Champs and guess what? I am burned out. Like, I could stop racing for the year and be totally OK with my decision. In a normal year, the arrival of cold weather makes me want to hibernate at the gym. This year, however, the residual warm weather makes me want to play hooky on a Sunday and go ride my mountain bike (which I did last week). And something tells me a lot of other people feel the same way!

It’s not just racing I’m ready to give up, it’s also the training. I’ll be honest, I don’t really “train” anymore (haven’t done intervals since the summer) because I have other things occupying my time- I spend both of my “days off” at the bird shelter instead of going on long rides. And the days when AKA’s home, I’d rather go ride with her instead of toiling on the trainer. So I just eke out an hour on Zwift 2x/week and call it good- just enough to keep up my fitness. I care just enough to stay in the top 10 every week, but not enough to push for the podium.

In light of all this, plus the fact that we only have a couple more years until AKA starts school (which means less freedom for travel and such), that I’ve decided to skip the 2017 CX season. Ok, one exception will be Jingle Cross because it’s such an awesome weekend (and I can race Masters). But that’s it. I want to do “fall” stuff like go back to Copper Harbor, do gravel rides and race the Iceman. I’m already excited.

But first, I need to get through the rest of the 2016 season. I can only muster one race this weekend, then Melas Basin and finally the State Champs if it isn’t 10 degrees (like in 2015). Just like last year I toyed with the idea of racing Nationals but….yeah….

To be continued…



About to get passed by a girl 22 years younger than me…ugh.





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