AKA is three-and-a-half years old now. How’d that happen?

The holiday season was great. It’s fun to live vicariously though AKA- the wonder, the excitement, the tearing through holiday toy catalogs…so awesome. Her #1 wish was for the Doc McStuffins Care Cart, which Santa was happy to deliver. Some of her other favorite gifts were Magna Tiles, a tabletop easel and a Frozen ice palace that lights up. Believe it or not she was disappointed that she didn’t get a bigger pair of pajamas or a bathing suit.  So practical.

AKA loves winter and she’s very disappointed that our snow has already melted (I, on the other hand, am very happy about this). For her sake though I hope we get a few more decent snowfalls so she can go sledding again with her buddy Lola. We decided to enroll AKA in ski school later this month…we found a local “resort” that offers lessons for 3-year olds so we’re giving it a go. I’ve been showing AKA videos of our friend’s kids and she is VERY excited. She told me she “wants to win” and “go fast”. I wonder where she gets that from…

Let’s see, what else is AKA up to? Well, she is turning into quite the helper around the house- she wants to help with everything. Her enthusiasm is great but it can turn a 10-minute task into a 30-minute one. That’s OK though. Without asking, she puts her own dishes in the sink and even re-stocks the toilet paper in our bathrooms. She folds towels, puts away her own laundry, helps cook (kid-appropriate tasks of course) and I just taught her how to dust. I’m really proud of her…and I hope this enthusiasm lasts through the teenage years.

AKA started swim lessons last month and is doing well. Swim lessons are non-negotiable since I never really learned as a kid and I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to learn as an adult.  Thankfully she is enjoying her class! She took gymnastics in the fall but there are only so many hours in the week…maybe we’ll pick them back up next spring or summer.

So, no 3-year old would be complete without a series of made-up words. Here are the top three:

Boo-bah: not really sure what it means but she uses it a lot. “You’re a boo-bah!”
Doo-dah: see above. Me: “What’s a doo-dah?” AKA: “A boo-bah!” Huh?
Bluddud: I seriously think this originated as a kiddie swear word since she uses it in appropriate situations, like when she dropped something. “Aw, bluddud…”

Don’t let these kiddie words fool you though; AKA has a great vocabulary. The two of us went out to lunch recently and we actually had a conversation. She has been picking up little phrases from us like “That’s a problem” and “Game over”.  I’ve started using some Spanish around her and downloaded a flashcard app…it’ll be interesting to see if any words stick. She already knows a few Polish words 🙂

Here are a few more fun facts about AKA at this age:

Favorite food: Frickin’ chicken nuggets…but I have secretly swapped them for soy ones. Shhh…
Favorite TV show: Still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite song: Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King…huh?
Favorite game: Crazy 8’s
Favorite toy: Currently kinetic sand (which is pretty cool BTW)

It’s crazy to think that my next update will be for a 4-year old…

AKA Dec 2016

AKA Dec 2016






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