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It’s 8:20pm and I feel like we haven’t even started to settle down for the night. You’d think for a Saturday that we’d have our shit together a bit more, right? We just got back from the grocery store, I just had dinner, AKA is on her 5th meal of the day and Eric is juggling a combo of laundry and sopping up the “toy stew” on the floor. And all we want to do is sit down and watch Dumb and Dumber. Seriously.

I haven’t posted in couple months. My free time has really been consumed with the bird shelter that I volunteer at. Things were really great there, but in the last month or so it’s gone downhill due to some long-standing issues between some of the older members. Things like a rogue, self-elected board of directors trying to take over the place, ousting members, screaming matches at meetings, people threating to call the police and even legal action. For fuck’s sake, it’s a BIRD SHELTER. Anyway, I’ve had to don my marketing hat to help compose letters and communication pieces. The atmosphere is so terrible now that I don’t even want to go anymore…it’s really awful and the worst part is that the birds are in the middle of this feud. So I might just walk away. Ugh.  What’s crummy about leaving the shelter is that AKA really loves to go with me. She is constantly asking to help clean cages. It’s difficult to find places to volunteer with such a small kiddo and this was the perfect opportunity for her. But I don’t want her surrounded by negativity either.

Speaking of AKA, she’s great. Eric and I are quite amused by AKA version 3.75 and parenting satisfaction is at an all-time high. The things she says…I can’t help but laugh. I really love this age but man, she is growing up quickly. Now she wants nail polish, jewelry, a 2-piece bathing suit, bigger feet (?)  and other “big kid” stuff. Thankfully she still likes Mickey Mouse 🙂 She is a whopping 42″ tall (or more since I haven’t measured her lately) and therefore people think she’s older than she really is. It’s kind of hard for her because she can’t do some things that other kids her size can do, like swim underwater or tie shoes. But she can do other things- today she rode nearly 5 miles on her bike while Eric ran.  It seems like we’ve been having a lot of life lessons lately, whether it’s how to deal with the “mean boys” at school or what “shooters” are (guns that she saw on a TV show). There is a lot to teach this kid.

But it’s all good and we’re having fun, so I can’t complain.

So what can I complain about? This weather. My new rotator cuff pain. The fact that my local grocery store discontinued their house-brand pancake mix (this one really upset me BTW). And to top it off, mellow Sweet Pea now mimics Little Bird’s annoying squawk and it’s driving us insane (they seriously sound identical).

We have a lot of wins to celebrate though. First we finally coerced AKA into sleeping in her own bed. Before 9pm too! I think it’s part of her desire for independence so we’re rolling with it. Eric and I actually had time to watch a movie the other night! I hope it’s not just a phase. What else is new? We’ve been inspired with the whole minimalist movement (experiences over material possessions) and have clearing out the clutter. Except bike gear, because that helps foster experiences, right?? And maybe best of all…our days of renting are numbered- our lease is up at the end of June which means we will be buying a home…somewhere.  I am SO ready to put down roots, wherever it may be. Right now I feel like that annoying weed that has shallow roots and keeps popping up all over the yard. But I’m longing to be that hardy perennial that you can’t pull out of the ground 🙂

**2 hours later…10:20pm**

Speaking of ground, it’s soft here which means no mountain biking. Blah. This time of year is sucky for us MTB’ers in Illinois because we have races to train for but all the trails are closed. Well, except me- I still haven’t set my race calendar so I’m not really training for anything.  I have to skip the Barry-Roubaix this year…Eric will be out of town and the thought of driving to Hastings with an overly-chatty kid (non-stop talking wears on you) and prepping for the race solo with kid in tow doesn’t sound appealing. I don’t even think I’d make it to the start line. I’ve done that race twice and have officially checked it off my Midwest bucket list. April’s travel schedule is crazy (MTB team weekend, Arizona and ???) so I may have to settle for a road race or crit, which is OK I guess. I’d like to fit in a few of the 6-hour WEMS races if possible…maybe in May. Motivation is pretty low right now but I think that’ll change once the weather warms up. I can’t stand bundling up for winter rides- all those layers are so constricting and uncomfortable. Today I forgot my booties and my toes are still kind of swollen from the cold! Frostbite, anyone?

That’s enough for tonight. I’m exhausted.  Moms don’t need beauty sleep…they need sleep so they can get out of bed at 7am and immediately start playing with Play-Doh…


Learning Big Kid stuff like the garlic press


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