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Somewhere between 10 and 11 months…

Wow, I’m a little behind. The last month or so has been packed with business trips, visits from both sets of parents and a couple unexpected disruptions, including a hospital stay (more on that later). I am mentally and physically exhausted. No rest for the weary though. Amelia is more rambunctious than ever which means … Continue reading

Life with a 9-month old

I meant to write baby’s 9-month update like 2 weeks ago. Now it’s already the 6th. Again, where did the time go? I measure time differently as a parent- all I seem to notice is that baby’s getting older…but I’m 9 months older too! Ugh. 36 is sneaking up on me quickly. Lately life seems … Continue reading

8 months

Next week Baby A will be eight months old. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is the fact that this post is a week early. I figure if I start writing now I might actually finish by the 24th. I’m finally getting the hang of this time management thing! Back to subject at hand. Eight months. … Continue reading

Seven months!

Gee, time for another monthly update already.  I can’t believe it’s the end of January. I am pretty worn out so I’ll keep this post simple with a few quick stats: Over 27″ long 15 lbs. 12 oz. as of last week Two lower teeth Fuzzy “baby bird” hair growing in- not sure if it’ll … Continue reading

Open Letter to Baby A, part three

Dear Baby A, It’s 9:45pm and you’re sound asleep in my arms. I’m not supposed to allow this, you know. “They” say Dad and I should let you “cry it out” so you learn to sleep through the night. We tried it last month and it actually worked but our trip to Michigan messed things … Continue reading

Six months!

Ok, so I’m over a week late posting this. Hard to find time to write when you’re on a whirlwind holiday tour of Michigan. Our trip was great BTW, too short as always but we did get to see a lot of family and friends. Amelia made out like a bandit- I think she now … Continue reading

5 months young

Amelia turned 5 months young today!  I can’t believe how quickly the months have blown by.  This time last year we were just breaking the news to my very shocked parents…haha. What’s new with us? Well, we’ve got one ridiculously cute girl on our hands. She is SO happy. I remember how much she cried … Continue reading

4 months, baby!

Another month has come and gone. Amelia is thriving. It seems like she made the transition from newborn to baby overnight. Literally- she started crying during a diaper change one morning and Eric and I instantly noticed that the sound was different. The distinctive newborn cry was gone (parents, you know the one I’m talking about). She’s now … Continue reading

Back to the grind

Well, I survived my first week at work. Fumbled might be better word. Just as I was getting settled into a nice routine at home it was time to change again. Of course this happens just as baby is starting to smile and interact with us. Fortunately I don’t think this new routine is going to change much for … Continue reading