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WEMS #2 Race Report

So I was feeling pretty deflated after my Barry-Roubaix DNF. Add to that 9 days off the bike (vacation, but Disney with a toddler so…) and I felt I had to do some sort of race to keep my motivation going. Enter the WEMS Greenbush Grinder!  North Kettles isn’t exactly a one-day trip so I talked the … Continue reading

Bike Season is Here!

I haven’t trained for a spring/summer race season in a very long time. 2010 maybe? Back then I had no idea how to properly train for a 24-hour solo, winged it and managed to win. Looking back I’d say that was more luck than skill though. I decided to keep my awesome coach on board after CX season…I wasn’t … Continue reading

Echo Valley Race Report

I wasn’t planning on writing another race report until August, for our only local MTB race- the Palos Meltdown.  I’ve pretty much scrapped my summer racing plans in favor of Eric’s training and quite honestly, I’m Ok with that.  I’m just not excited about riding here.  The local trail (Palos) was closed for most of … Continue reading

It’s all uphill from here…

I’ve been a total slug since I went back to work. It’s hard to find time and energy after a stressful day at the office- you’ve got to factor in nursing, dinner, playtime, chores and getting ready for the next day. It’s taken three months, but I’ve finally realized that the only time I can really work out … Continue reading

I like to bike

Since I’m not riding anymore I thought I’d at least reminisce about it. My first wheeled rig (that I can remember) was a Strawberry Shortcake Big Wheel.  Big Wheels were pretty badass, except that the wheels wore out pretty quickly. You couldn’t really stop either.  My neighor Ravi had a Knight Rider one with a brake … Continue reading

Weekend roundup

Last weekend was full of highs and lows. Rather than explain everything I think I’ll just post a list of thoughts and observations. In no particular order: 1. Seattle is so much better when it’s sunny and warm. 2. Seattle drivers panic in sunny weather. 3. Unexpected ultrasounds can be daunting (but all is OK). … Continue reading

Of bikes and birds

Since I never talk about anything besides baby stuff anymore… First up- birds. Ugh. Daisy, being a cockatoo, is prone to a lot of infections. I mean, what do you expect when she walks on the bottom of her cage then picks up food with her foot? ‘Toos are also known for being snugglers, and … Continue reading

Today’s ride in pictures

I always wonder what road ride routes are like in other parts of the country. Are folks lucky enough to have bike lanes or wide shoulders? Are my friend’s rides scenic? Now you can follow along as I ride 50 miles from Issaquah to home in West Seattle. OK, so I didn’t start taking pics … Continue reading