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Ladies Love Little Bird

Most people think Eric was the original bird nerd in our household. In reality, both of us were developing bird brains as kids albeit it in different ways. Eric spent his childhood looking at hooded warblers and LBJ’s (little brown jobs) with his dad at Pt. Pelee and Hocking Hills State Park. Later they’d drive … Continue reading

35 week update

Another week has come and gone. I feel like time is both flying by and standing still. I’m ready for Baby A to make an appearance, not because I’m uncomfortable or anything, but because I’m ready to start our new life. In due time I suppose! We sure did a lot last week. The nursery … Continue reading

Weekend roundup

Last weekend was full of highs and lows. Rather than explain everything I think I’ll just post a list of thoughts and observations. In no particular order: 1. Seattle is so much better when it’s sunny and warm. 2. Seattle drivers panic in sunny weather. 3. Unexpected ultrasounds can be daunting (but all is OK). … Continue reading


How did we end up with a cockatoo? Well, we had cockatiel Darwin (aka Little Bird) for years and thought the next logical step in bird ownership was to purchase a large bird. There happened to be a bird store in Bakersfield and one day they had two baby cockatoos- one was a lesser sulphur-crested … Continue reading

Of bikes and birds

Since I never talk about anything besides baby stuff anymore… First up- birds. Ugh. Daisy, being a cockatoo, is prone to a lot of infections. I mean, what do you expect when she walks on the bottom of her cage then picks up food with her foot? ‘Toos are also known for being snugglers, and … Continue reading