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The 60-Day Challenge

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, why not be open to change and improvement all year? However, our trip to Maui is coming up soon and the time frame of bikini-bod improvement just happens to coincide with the New Year. Inspired by a friend’s “60-Day Challenge”, I decided to create one … Continue reading

Cat 2.5 racing and some gripes

Last weekend was the 2nd race of the CCC series, way out in DeKalb (corn country). I had heard good things about this course, particularly the flyover with stairs and figured it was worth the drive. Well, the course was pretty sucky IMO- the flyover was kinda cool but the rest was pretty boring. Due … Continue reading

CX Racing…Chicago-Style

I remember complaining that Seattle’s CX season started way too early (Labor Day). Well, I’m eating my words because I just raced in August. Before we moved I did some research on the Chicago cross scene and read that the Jackson Park relay race was a must-do. The only problem…I don’t know anyone here to partner up … Continue reading

Racing, Midwest-Style

The last year has been tough fitness-wise. I’ve had the best of intentions (CX season, Lumberjack 100) but lost both motivation and interest. And just when I bought a new mountain bike and started to exercise again…we moved. Now I have a different set of challenges- I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom and also a part-time … Continue reading

Life in the Midwest

So we’ve been here for two weeks now. We are just finally settling in…somewhat. The first week was a blur- Amelia’s first birthday in Michigan, moving truck day, E’s first day at work, a visit from my friend Sarah (who just happened to be in town from Philly), and the arduous task of unpacking and organizing. … Continue reading