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Three months in CO

I’ve got a CO driver’s license and license plate, so I guess that makes me an official resident, right??  Kind of.  I guess to complete my transformation I still need a CO flag trucker hat and a dog (neither of which is going to happen BTW). Haha. It’s been quite easy to fit in here … Continue reading


Wow, we’ve been here for three weeks already. Almost four actually.  And you know what? I feel like I’ve been here for much longer than that…because Colorado is such a good fit for us. In the last three weeks we’ve accomplished so much more than we ever did in  Chicagoland. I’m not exaggerating.  And we’re … Continue reading

How the West Was Won

Yep, this is a little overdue because we’re moving in two weeks. Let me backtrack to the spring- I posted something about choosing between Denver and Chicago (Oak Park to be specific), and wrote up a sort of pro/con list for each city. After some thought we chose Oak Park, met an agent and eventually … Continue reading