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CX Progress Report

We have less than a month to go before State Champs and guess what? I am burned out. Like, I could stop racing for the year and be totally OK with my decision. In a normal year, the arrival of cold weather makes me want to hibernate at the gym. This year, however, the residual … Continue reading

Trek CXC Cup

One of the nice things about living east of the Mississippi is access to some big CX races. Last weekend’s Trek CXC Cup was one of them- a 2-day UCI event right at Trek’s HQ. Pretty cool! BTW Trek’s HQ is in the middle of nowhere. We made a “half-weekend” out of Trek by staying … Continue reading

2015 Season Recap

My 2015 CX season is officially over. The season finale is always kind of bittersweet- most of us are SO ready to be done.  After all, racing every weekend for the last 2.5 months gets a little old. On the other hand, Sundays are a big social event and I will definitely miss seeing friends and … Continue reading

CCC #8 & 9- Indian Lakes

I’ve never raced two days in a row, unless you count 24-hour events. Since my performance at Woodstock was less than stellar I wasn’t too excited about the upcoming double-header at Indian Lakes.  Golf courses tend to be non-technical and favor roadies, which I am not. On a good note the venue was very close to our … Continue reading

CCC #7- Woodstock

I’ll just cut to the chase- this was my worst race in many years (not including mechanicals). Oddly enough, it coincided with my first stab at taking AKA to a race by myself. Eric is on a biz trip, but I really wanted to race so I arranged for a sitter at the race (plenty of racer’s … Continue reading

CCC #5- Sunrise Park

Another week, another race. I was destined to have a good day- the weather was beautiful and best of all, the entire Abraham family got a full night of uninterrupted, unmedicated sleep! I honestly can’t remember the last time all three of us slept through the night. AKA crawled into our bed, put her face … Continue reading

CCC #4- Randall Oaks

So yeah, my last two races didn’t go so well…and I was not feeling very optimistic about the rest of the season. Thankfully I went into a “rest week” which gave me time to focus on other things going on in my life at the moment. I even skimped on my easy rides. My coach said that … Continue reading

CCC Races 1-3

I have pretty limited time to blog lately, but I wanted to write quick reports for the first three races of the season. CCC#1: LaBagh Woods The first race of the year is usually held at Caldwell Woods, but it’s in a low-lying area and heavy rains flooded the park a few days before. The … Continue reading

Preseason rambling…

Cross is coming…or is it already here? I guess Sunday’s relay race kicked off the season but thankfully our local series doesn’t start until the end of September. Relay Cross was fun and a good reminder that I need to work on handling- big time. Apparently I forgot what it’s like to corner on wet … Continue reading

Done and done.

Today was the last race of the CCC. Typically I’d be excited about the series finale and state champs but not this time. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad the season’s over. I have lost a tremendous amount of motivation in the last month or so. This series is tough because there … Continue reading