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Back to the grind

Well, I survived my first week at work. Fumbled might be better word. Just as I was getting settled into a nice routine at home it was time to change again. Of course this happens just as baby is starting to smile and interact with us. Fortunately I don’t think this new routine is going to change much for … Continue reading

Riding the struggle bus

*Disclaimer* This post may seem pretty negative but let me assure you that life is good right now! I love being a mom. There will always be challenges but there are plenty of good times to offset them. If you’re paying attention you’ll notice this post was published late at night. Unfortunately the back-to-work anxiety … Continue reading

March Madness

How does that saying go? March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…or something like that. Our March came in like a lion and out like one too. Eric and I foolishly planned simultaneous week+ business trips. I guess we thought it would be better to be gone at the same time. Not … Continue reading

Hallo Deutschland!

In the past 12 months I’ve been to 3 different countries with Germany rounding out the trio. I will admit that Germany was not really on my top 20 list of places to visit (no palm trees or tropical weather), but hey, I’ll take a free trip any day. Don’t get me wrong- this a working … Continue reading

You win some, you lose some

The last week has been just crazy. Every year I coordinate my company’s participation in a huge German tradeshow, and the 2 weeks leading up to it are extremly stressful. This year is a little different because after 5 years of planning it, I actually get to attend the show.   If you haven’t worked a … Continue reading

Tune in Tokyo

I just got back from 6-day trip to Japan. Each year our customer exhibits at a massive tradeshow and we are asked to send a representative (so they can get a discount…).  This year no one from the office wanted to travel for various reasons, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity 🙂 This was … Continue reading