Posted in September 2016

Take This Job and….

I’ve worked since I was 16. My first job was at the Coffee Beanery in Laurel Park Mall, whipping up those newly-popular cappuccinos and lattes in the mid-90’s. I was a fan of drip coffee myself, but after a while I was sick of my micro-managing boss and coming home smelling like coffee. So then … Continue reading

Trek CXC Cup

One of the nice things about living east of the Mississippi is access to some big CX races. Last weekend’s Trek CXC Cup was one of them- a 2-day UCI event right at Trek’s HQ. Pretty cool! BTW Trek’s HQ is in the middle of nowhere. We made a “half-weekend” out of Trek by staying … Continue reading

Best. Race. Ever.

I can’t believe I’m starting my third season with the Chicago Cross Cup. Mostly because I am in denial about the rapid passage of time, but also because I didn’t think we’d be living here this fall. When teams were re-upping we¬†were in the midst of job offer dealings but it fell through in the … Continue reading