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The Big Three

I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that AKA is three. A little big kid now. Life has been moving at such a fast pace lately that I haven’t had much time to dwell on The Big Three until now. It’s a range of emotions for Mama- happy, sad, proud, excited, worried, and … Continue reading

AKA 2.75

AKA is technically a few months away from the BIG 3 but I feel like she’s already there. Compared to many kids her age she’s really tall, active and chatty…it seems like every time we go out another parent comments that AKA seems much older than 2.75. It’s all about being a “big kid” now- AKA … Continue reading


Wow, it looks like I’m a little behind when it comes to chronicling the life of AKA. It’s definitely not due to a lack of material! She has changed so much in the last six months that the longer I wait the harder it gets to write everything down. Cue the highlight reel… First, I … Continue reading

We Have a Two-Year-Old!

AKA turned the big TWO a couple months ago. Two!! I’m kind of at a loss for words. AKA isn’t though- she is a chatterbox and seems to learn a new word every day. So many words in fact that I can’t even compile them into a list like I did a few months ago. Sentences are becoming more complex, like “Dada … Continue reading

Months 22-24

Wow, it’s already June and AKA turns two in just a few weeks. We have been having a great time together lately and I am really glad/grateful/lucky to be home with her. Now, there are some days when I want to pull out my hair or break open that bottle of Absolut Pear though… So … Continue reading

18 Months

I feel like this post is 18 months overdue! Ok, it’s more like 23 days, but still. I’d say nowadays I’m 25% too busy to write and 75% not able to use a computer with AKA around. The holiday season has come and gone. Boo! Our house looks so empty without the tree, which actually made it through … Continue reading

17 Months

It just occurred to me that AKA hit the 17-month mark almost two weeks ago. I didn’t even think about it until someone at the grocery store inquired about AKA’s age. The last month has been pretty great.  AKA’s been sleeping through the night (for most part) and let me tell you, that really sets the tone … Continue reading

16 Months

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my little girl. Sixteen months, that is! Time just keeps marching forward, doesn’t it? Last week I packed up the last of her bottles and teeny-tiny baby spoons. Yesterday  at Target I realized that we really have no reason to shop the baby aisles other than for diapers. And, as of tomorrow, we’ll be done … Continue reading