Posted in June 2013

Open letter to Baby A

Dear Baby A, So…today’s Wednesday, which means I’m 3 days overdue now. Just thought I’d point out a few things… You just missed our 3 days of summer weather. Now all those cute sundresses and onesies will have to be covered up with a hoodie and blanket. If you wait until the weekend, I might … Continue reading

The other blog

I started a separate baby blog back in October with the intention that it would be only for family and close friends. Well, after the “bike” and “bird” parts of my regular blog slowed down I realized that the baby part had taken over my life, so why not share with everyone? You can read about my … Continue reading


I’ve been asked a lot of random questions lately so I thought I’d answer them here. Q. Did you pick a name? A. Yes. Q. Will you give us a hint? A. Here’s a hint: don’t ask 🙂 Q. You’re all belly. What’s the secret? A. Aw, shucks. That’s the best compliment you can give … Continue reading

39 week update

Heading into week 39. Only one week to go…or so I thought. I guess a lot of first-time mothers go well past their due date, some up to two weeks!! Uggghhhh. I can’t imagine another three weeks of this. I have not complained much about my pregnancy but I’m going to now. Humor me, OK? … Continue reading