Posted in December 2014

Year in Review

I’m jumping on the “year in review” wagon. It seems like everyone is doing this on Facebook but the photos that FB chose were not a good representation of my year (AKA’s hospitalization was not a highlight of 2014, thank you very much). When I’m old and re-reading the story of my life, I will probably skip … Continue reading

Done and done.

Today was the last race of the CCC. Typically I’d be excited about the series finale and state champs but not this time. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad the season’s over. I have lost a tremendous amount of motivation in the last month or so. This series is tough because there … Continue reading

17 Months

It just occurred to me that AKA hit the 17-month mark almost two weeks ago. I didn’t even think about it until someone at the grocery store inquired about AKA’s age. The last month has been pretty great.  AKA’s been sleeping through the night (for most part) and let me tell you, that really sets the tone … Continue reading